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Teeshotbooks supports new authors and we have just found an exciting new one.

David Ward has just published his first two novels and he is writing the third one which will complete the set of three. They are all about Henry James, a young man born into a very wealthy family. His father is a Lord and the family home is in Oxfordshire. The story follows Henry all over the world from the time he leaves Oxford University. It tells you how Henry made his money, the people he meets and the places he visits. Through his father he meets some powerful people, and he is able to get things done that your average person would not be able to achieve.

Henry has a good life and the five hundred plus pages are a great read, the end of book one has you on the edge of your seat. Book two carries on in the same vain, with Henry showing you he does not like people that try to kill anybody that he is close to. Once again, book two continues with this great story which keeps you turning the pages for more. David Ward ends book two leaving you not knowing what has happened to Henry James, we are all waiting for the final book to find out.

It is really great to pick up a book that you can give to a twelve year old as neither of these books have any bad language in them. Click on the the book cover to be taken to Amazon. Available in digital format and printed copy.

The life of Henry James

The final book

 of a three book set

Coming Soon

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